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Taman Ayun Temple

Posted by Gede Wahyu Suryatama (wahyu) on Jan 20 2016
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Taman Ayun temple is a mother temple (Paibon) of Mengwi Kingdom. Surrounded by fish ponds so when you been in this place it’s like stay in the middle of the lake. This temple built in the 17th century (supposedly built in 1634) by the first king of the Mengwi Kingdom Tjokerda Sakti Blambangan with architects who came from china. This temple was originally founded as worshiping place.


This temple has been destroyed by the great earthquake that occurred in 1917. Refinement implemented on a large scale in 1937, and in 1949 carried out to repairs the Kori Agung, Gate, Candi Bentar, and Build the Wantilan which quite extensive. Candi Bentar and the pillar reached 16 meters high which is located at courtyard inside of the temple which built according to the Java architecture, while small temples pillar  look like a seat of stone with total 64 pieces which is the ancestral heritage of megalithic to tribute to the warriors who has died in the battlefield.

Place of Interest - Taman Ayun

Location of Taman Ayun Temple is in Mengwi village, Badung regency, Bali. Distance approximately 18 kilometers from Kuta. We can see the beauty of architectural and the majesty of this historical heritage. Aspects of art, unique, magical and historical value elements make this temple very interesting and became one of the best attractions in Bali which are worth to visit.


To enter the temple, we have to cross the bridge which connecting the temple and the main road. There is a small temple as a guard on the entrance on the left and right side. There is also a large wantilan (open space), a place where the Tabuh Rah ceremony held Tabuh Rah. There is also a fountain with nine fountains.


Entering the second gate, there is a bale with amazing Dewata Nawa Sanga carved. Dewata Nawa Sanga is a god which guarding the nine cardinal direction. The second couryard is called Jaba Tengah, and in this area there is Bale Kulkul stands majestically like a skyscraper. Kulkul is traditional media to communicate or more like traditional alarm to call the villagers to gather together. Kulkul sound may vary according to kegaiatan what will be done by the community. Kulkul rhythm sound varies depending to what activities will be done by the community.

Place of Interest - Taman Ayun Temple

The most sacred part of the temple is Jaba Jero. This place has three gates. The center gate only opened when carried out activities of religious ceremonies. This gate as the exit and entrance to the sacred statues and other sacred instruments which holded by people in ceremonial activities. The other gate on the right and left side is for everyday use. On this courtyard there are some of Meru with many shapes and sizes.


The three courtyards of Taman Ayun Temple is a symbol of the three levels of cosmic world. The first is a place for human beings, the second is place for the spirit or atma, and the main courtyard is the place of God, which is a symbol of heaven. In an ancient story titled Adhiparwa, said that the entire Temple is describe of Mount Mahameru floating in the ocean of milk.

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