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Besakih Temple

Posted by Gede Wahyu Suryatama (wahyu) on Feb 13 2016
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Besakih temple is refered as the mother temple in Bali. Besakih Temple is located on the slopes of Mount Agung, the highest mountain on the island of Bali which the local community is considered as a sacred mountain. On March 17, 1963 Mount Agung erupted and killed more than 1,000 people and damaging villages in the vicinity. But strangely, Besakih was untouchable by the natural disaster although the distance of the temple is only about 1 km from the summit of Mount Agung. Besakih is a complex place of worship Hindus which consists of 22 temple buildings. It is estimated that the development process of Besakih temple was take over 1,000 years. The evidence of the megalithic historical relics found around the complex temple such as menhirs, stone throne, and the structure of the pyramid-shaped terrace.

Place ofInterest - Besakih Temple

This temple is built based on the concept of Tri Hita Karana, the concept of balance between human, nature and God. The building structure of the temple was adapted to the direction of the wind so that the structure can represent the world as the symbolism of the balance. Each direction of the wind is called Mandala with the god called "Dewa Catur Lokapala". As the center of the four cardinal directions there is a temple called Penataran Agung Besakih, the biggest one which dedicated to lord of Shiva surrounded by other temples. On the east of Penataran Agung there is Pura Gelap which used to worship the Lord Iswara; in the south there is Kiduling Kereteg temple to worship Lord Brahma; on the west side is Ulun Kulkul Temple to worship the Lord of Mahadeva; and on the north side is Batumadeg Temple intended to worship the Lord Vishnu.

Place of Interest - View from Penataran Agung Besakih

The existence of Besakih is closely associated with Rsi Markandeya. He is a yogi a religious leaders from India, who settled on the island of Java, precisely in Mount Rawung. On his meditation he received a revelation to go to the island of Bali and crush the forest to be distributed to his followers. On the process of deforestation there are many hurdles in his way, like a wild animal. Many of his followers died and had to return to Java, and come again to Bali when the right time, starting with the Dewa Yadnya and Blind Yadnya ceremonial also do Pratiwi Stawa prayerful to repellent misfortune.

Place of Interest - Ceremonial at Besakih

After completion of deforestation, Rsi Markandeya planting a jug containing of 5 metal element and known as Panca Datu which consisting of iron, bronze, copper, silver and gold, and also included the most important ruby called Mirahadi. The place is named Basuki which means survivor, and then Basuki being said Besakih until now.



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