Bali Dolphin - The Dolphins Lodge

The unique Bali Dolphins finding experience, pleasure the hands-on and personal contact program with these terrific and gracious marine mammals.

Be a part of the memorable interactive experience with dolphin activities. Bali dolphin lodge is located on a floating sea pen in the ocean. These friendly mammals will amaze you with their intelligence, physical ability, and gentleness. You will spend 35 minutes in our specially designed dolphin enclosure, where you will have the opportunity to experience the thrill of up-close and personal contact through hugging, petting, kissing and playing with a dolphin! The close contact sessions could be one of the best impression you will ever have. At each session the guests divided into 4 groups with each group a maximum of 6/7 people on one pool with one dolphin, so you don’t need to worry that you might not touch the dolphin because of the crowd.

We offer 3 types option of dolphins program to choose, that are “Bali Dolphin Watching”, “Bali Dolphin Interaction”, and the new one is “Swimming with Dolphin Bali”. Regularly we run 4 sessions per day, and our Bali dolphins program include free pickup and return transfer from and to your hotel for area Sanur area, Kuta area, Legian area, Seminyak area, Nusa Dua area, and Jimbaran area (there are some area in Jimbaran and Seminyak that not covered by our free pickup program, other option that you can wait at our pickup point that nearest of your hotel).


  • Swim with Dolphin Bali program: Participants must have the ability to swim in a pool with a depth of 7 meters. Participants can swim directly and personal contact with the dolphin in the water. The age of participants for this program is 12 years or older (Swim is only for the fourth session). Children not allowed for this program
  • Bali Dolphin Interaction program: Participants will go in the pool with the dolphin, but do not swim (interaction only). In the pool will be prepared a place to stand and dolphin will come to you and you have chance to up close and personal touch with the dolphin through hugging, petting, kissing and playing some trick, The age of participators for this program is child 4 - 12 years or older, infant is not allowed for this tour program.
  • Bali Dolphin Watching Program: In this tour program, you are invited to enjoy the performance from the top (not in water).
  • Per Session is 35 minutes for Dolphin interaction and 30 minutes for Swimming with Dolphin tour program, the infant is free but only watching.


Bali Dolphins / Dolphin Lodge Bali Itinerary:

  • Dolphin Lodge Bali / Dolphin Tour provides free transfer service between your staying hotel and Dolphin Lodge Bali. The picking up time around  08.00am for 1st session / 09.30am for 2nd session / 12.30pm for 3rd session. You can choose and book it. The time spending from the hotel to Dolphin tour is required about 30 minutes until 1 hour. It depends on the hotel location. Dolphin Lodge Bali is located in the small island named Serangan Island near Sanur. Dolphin Lodge Bali is on the beach in there.
  • Upon arrival to Dolphin Lodge Bali, you can change the clothes to swimming wear. Dolphin Lodge Bali provides the changing rooms, lockers, and shower rooms for returning back. Dolphin Lodge Bali is serving the welcome drink, mineral water. There is the wide space with tables and chairs to wait until Dolphin Encounter starting.
  • Before the starting Dolphin Encounter, guests ride on the slow boat transferring to the pontoon in 5 minutes.
  • There are 4 divided pools on the pontoon. Dolphin Lodge Bali has 8 lovely dolphins. Dolphin Lodge Bali provides a shallow area (1.5 meters depth approx) in pontoon for the visitors to play and enclosure with dolphins. Dolphin encounter is started to interact by maximum 6 – 7 persons in one pontoon. The time of Dolphin encounter is continuing for 30 minutes. You can really enjoy, play and enclose with dolphins. And you are getting the excellent memories of dolphin encounter in Bali.
  • After enjoying Dolphin Encounter, you will take the slow boat again and return back. Upon arrival to Serangan Island, you can take shower and change the clothes.
  • Dolphin Lodge Bali provides free transfer to go back or drop off to your hotel. The arrival time to hotel is around 11.30am for 1st session / 13.00pm for 2nd session / 16.00pm for 3rd session.


Bali Dolphins Pick Up Service:

1 08.00 - 08.15 AM
09.00 AM
Dolphin Interaction, Dolphin Watching
2 08.00 - 08.15 AM
10.30 AM
Dolphin Interaction, Dolphin Watching
3 12.30 - 12.45 PM
01.30 PM
Dolphin Interaction, Dolphin Watching
and Swim with Dolphin
4 02.00 - 02.15 PM
03.00 PM
Swim with Dolphin & Dolphin Watching

Noted: if pick up from hotel and drop in a different hotel, it will be additional charged, depending on the location of the hotel.


Bali Dolphin Swimming:

  • Adult USD 89/person/session 30 minutes (Promotion price)
  • Children not allowed for this program

Bali Dolphin Interaction:

  • Adult USD 89/person/session 35 minutes
  • Child USD 79/Person/session 35 minutes (age 4-12)
  • Infant not allowed for this program

Bali Dolphin Watching:

  • Adult USD 50/person/session 35 minutes
  • Child USD 45/Person/session 35 minutes (age 4-12)
  • Infant FOC
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The area that covered for pick up:

  • Seminyak, Legian, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Sanur, Ubud
  • Please contact us for pick up in different area

Tour price includes:

  • Pick Up and Drop (Hotel Transfer)
  • Welcome coffee/tea 
  •  Changing Room
  • Borrow locker
  • Towels and take shower
  • Insurance coverage USD 50.000
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